23 AVRIL 2018 : 10h-12h : séance 8 du Séminaire SÊMAINÔ III (Husserl)(Lille, 2017-2018)

La séance 8 du séminaire :

Depuis les Modernes. Ontologies et phénoménologie des signes

aura lieu lundi 23/04/2018, STL, salle de séminaire (B1.663), 10h-12h

23/04/2018, 10h-12h, Séance 8 du Séminaire Sêmainô III (LILLE)(Husserl)(2017-2018) : Carlo Ierna (Universiteit Utrecht), “Symbolic intentionality in the School of Brentano”  

The School of Brentano progressively developed increasingly detailed theories about symbolic intentionality, to account for all the cases in which something is given only indirectly through signs. We continuously use signs, often without being fully aware of it, because they are easier to use. It is hard to distinguish at a glance a group of 20 from a group of 21 pebbles without counting them, but we can distinguish the numeral signs effortlessly. Among the Brentanists, particularly Husserl and Ehrenfels discussed the use of physical, externalised signs to support cognitive processes. How do we use signs to aid our thinking and what, if anything, changes when we externalise them, or even outsource them to a machine, such as a calculator?

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