19 FEVRIER 2018 : 14h-16h : séance 6 du Séminaire SÊMAINÔ III (Husserl)(Lille, 2017-2018)

La séance 5 du séminaire :

Depuis les Modernes. Ontologies et phénoménologie des signes

aura lieu lundi 19/02/2018, STL, salle de séminaire (B1.663), 14h-16h

Daniele De Santis (Università Roma II), « Husserl against signs, or The many varieties of idealism ».

The seminar will explore and elaborate upon Husserl’s dismissal of the so-called “image” or “sign” theory of perception within the framework of his “genetic” phenomenology (1915-1920). In order to do so, we will first clarify in what such a theory actually consists by also relating it to Husserl’s conception of the very notion of sign, then we will try to explain in what sense, and to what extent, this “uncompromised” rejection is crucial for Husserl’s philosophical self-understanding, that is to say, for his comprehension of phenomenology as a new form of “idealism”.


Essential Bibliography

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