9 OCTOBRE 2017 : 14h-16h : séance 2 du Séminaire SÊMAINÔ III (Husserl)(Lille, 2017-2018)

La séance 2 du séminaire :

Depuis les Modernes. Ontologies et phénoménologie des signes

aura lieu lundi 09/10/2017, STL, salle de séminaire (B1.663), 14h-16h

Thomas Byrne (KU Leuven/Husserl Archives), “On the signification of gestures in Husserl’s Logical Investigations

This talk elucidates Husserl’s theory of signification, as he presents it in his 1901Logical Investigations, and reveals how he understands the signitive function of gestures from within that system. We begin by examining his fundamental distinction between indicative and expressive signs. We study Husserl’s definition of indicative signs as signs that are real and signify the reality of the signified. Focus is given to his counterintuitive descriptions of perceptual experiences as involving an indicative element. We then examine his understanding of expressive signs as those that need not be real, possess an isomorphic structure to their meanings and signified objects, and are given meaning by consciousness. It can then be demonstrated why Husserl defines gestures as indicative signs. In the conclusion, we provide some critical remarks.

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